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The Holocaust as Seen by Through Film by Rabbi Dr. Bernhard H. Rosenberg is a special book that adds to his other authored that educate students, educators and the community about the Holocaust and assists in meeting the New Jersey mandate that all students must learn about the Holocaust and genocide.

This book in particular blends the specific cognitive, historical aspects of the atrocity with excellent literature which helps meet the new common core standards through the pictures, questions, discussions and research associated with each story.

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This site contains a brief description of a select collection of Holocaust related and inspired films, along with relevant questions to spark dynamic classroom discussion. It is not designed to be an exhaustive list, but rather, numerous movies, documentaries, and films that the author believes are of value to students of the Holocaust and their teachers.

Catalog: total 70 films

Movie Title Details
Movie Poster Judgment at Nuremberg
Year: 1961
Country: US
Director: Stanley Kramer
Movie Poster The Man Who Captured Eichmann
Year: 1996
Country: US
Director: William A. Graham
Movie Poster More Than Broken Glass: Memories of Kristallnacht
Year: 1988
Country: US
Director: Chris Pelzer
Movie Poster The Nazis: A Warning from History
Year: 1997
Country: UK
Director: Laurence Rees
Movie Poster American Experience: The Nuremberg Trials
Year: 2006
Country: US
Director: Michael Kloft
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