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The Holocaust as Seen by Through Film by Rabbi Dr. Bernhard H. Rosenberg is a special book that adds to his other authored that educate students, educators and the community about the Holocaust and assists in meeting the New Jersey mandate that all students must learn about the Holocaust and genocide.

This book in particular blends the specific cognitive, historical aspects of the atrocity with excellent literature which helps meet the new common core standards through the pictures, questions, discussions and research associated with each story.

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This site contains a brief description of a select collection of Holocaust related and inspired films, along with relevant questions to spark dynamic classroom discussion. It is not designed to be an exhaustive list, but rather, numerous movies, documentaries, and films that the author believes are of value to students of the Holocaust and their teachers.

Film Details

Movie Poster Divided We Fall
Year: 2001
Country: CZ
Director: Petr Jarchovský
Language: Czech
Rating: Unrated
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Beginning in 1933, with a quick fast forward to 1944, “Divided We Fall” revolves around a Czech couple living in a small Czech town. Until they find David, a Jewish neighbor who had recently escaped from a concentration camp at Theresiendstadt, Josef and Marie Crzek are absorbed in their sad, childless family. Despite concerns over their nosy friend Horst who is a Nazi loyalist, the Crzek’s create a hideout for David in their pantry. Josef takes a job with the Nazis in order to help cover up their hiding of David. This job causes the Crzek to be hated by their Czech neighbors. The Czreks and David experience a series of close calls that result in humorous and poignant moments throughout his two-year stay. When a high- ranking Nazi official tries to take up residence with Josef and Marie, Marie lies and tells the official she is pregnant and unable to offer him hospitality. Josef then demands that Marie and David create this baby in order to save their lives from the Nazis (Josef is sterile). The baby is born in the midst of the liberation of the Czech village. As Josef looks for a doctor for his laboring wife he is forced to admit he has been hiding David for the past two years. Special considerations: This movie is useful in that it deals more in the complex relationships between everyone affected by the Nazi occupation, and less in the blood and gore of the concentration camps. Watching the whole or parts of this movie would be helpful for any teacher who wanted to talk with students about the consuming nature of the Nazi regime and the notion of bystanders. The final scene, which includes the Crzeks, David, Horst, and a Czech neighbor, paints a perfect picture of the complexity of the relationships that arise in the midst of the chaos and stress of the Nazi occupation.


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